Teaming Partner

We (PTP Group) have been a Gold partner of HPE for years and, more than anyone, understand that it is becoming increasingly challenging for the average reseller to achieve or maintain partner status. The high (training) costs, minimum order requirements, and time spent on certification make it almost impossible to recoup your investment.

The costs for a Gold Certification run into tens of thousands of euros, and even a Silver status typically incurs more than EUR 15,000 in training expenses, lost hours, and associated costs.

Furthermore, the discounts from manufacturers are only paid out after several months, and they are subject to (negative) changes. This also puts a strain on cash flow.

By joining forces through the Teaming Partnership, you can leverage the benefits that PTP, as a Gold Partner, offers. This allows you to focus on other aspects of running your business while enjoying the advantages of our partnership.

Other benefits include receiving discounts directly from us, not months later as with the manufacturer. You can tap into the expertise available within our team and gain access to the advantages that come with the Gold Partner status, such as tools for creating the right configurations for your clients.

By collaborating with us, you won’t have to turn down projects that would typically be too large for you. Especially in the evolving IT landscape, where large companies are becoming increasingly prominent, seeking collaboration is crucial.

And all of this without having to make an investment yourself!

If you don’t typically sell HPE products, no problem! By collaborating with us, you gain access to the HPE product portfolio without having to turn down a customer who chooses HPE.

No Teaming Partnership

X High training costs!
X High minimum order requirements!
X Absence of employees due to training
X At least 2-3 technicians on staff!
X Annual recurring costs for certifications.
X Significant time spent on designing a configuration.

Teaming Parnership

✔︎ Benefit immediately from volume-independent discounts!
Savings in training costs.
Win more projects and increase your profit margin!
Certified engineers for the right advice!
IT hardware configuration assembled by certified engineers.