Rent and/or lease IT hardware

Did you know that you can also rent and/or lease IT hardware at PTP IT?

The flexibility of, among other things, (temporarily) scaling up the IT capacity to meet the required needs, coupled with the advantage of FIXED monthly rates. No interim increases in rates, but a rate that remains the same throughout the term of the rental and/or lease contract. This way you immediately know where you stand with us during the term of the contract.

Why rent IT hardware and software from PTP IT?

Try and Buy
You would like to invest in a new IT environment for the future of your company. But is the chosen solution the right one? There are many solutions possible. Why take risks or incur large costs for overcapacity, while you can minimize the risks of high costs or incorrect hardware by first testing the chosen solution. This way you can extensively test the new environment and be sure that you are making the right choice. Nothing is more annoying than having to conclude after purchasing a new IT environment that the collaboration between software and hardware is not optimal. Therefore, first rent your new IT environment from PTP IT. If you are satisfied with the new environment and the tests performed, you can also take over this test environment after the test period. The try and buy principle.

(Temporary) scaling up of IT capacity
You do not have to work in a cloud environment to temporarily scale up IT capacity. It is also possible to temporarily scale up IT capacity by renting IT systems. E.g. during a production peak or a seasonal peak. When the peak is over, the extra costs also stop. This way you maximize revenues and maintain control over costs. It is of course a shame to have to pay for something you don’t actually use. So you have the flexibility that scaling up in a Cloud environment can offer you, but with full control over your own IT environment and its security.

Bridging delivery time
The delivery of your new IT environment is taking longer than desired and you would still like to get started with the (new) plans. Why not rent temporarily? You can immediately start production, implement the plans, etc. Renting parts to expand your current environment is also possible. A delayed or long delivery time can be solved easily in this way and does not have to hinder your plans. At PTP IT we are happy to help you and think about solutions.

Damage due to disaster
If your IT environment has been destroyed in a fire or has been down for some other reason for a longer period of time and you want to be operational again quickly, then renting a temporary IT environment is the perfect solution. Our large stock allows us to respond quickly and provide you with a fully functioning new IT environment within a few hours of the disaster. We are happy to relieve you of your IT environment and ensure that you are operational again quickly. The most important thing is to limit operational damage and quickly restart the production environment. After all, there are many more things that require your attention.

Would you like to lease an IT environment for a longer period of time, 3-5 years or even longer? We are also happy to think about solutions and look at your IT needs. Software or interim hardware extensions can also be included in the lease.

Are you still satisfied with the hardware after the lease period and would you like to keep it? That is also possible!

For rental and/or leasing options, please contact your account manager or email

We are happy to think along with you!